William Timothy Heafner

January 30, 1954 - March 11, 2015

01/30/1954 - 03/11/2015

Virginia Beach, VA- William Timothy Heafner, January 30, 1954 – March 11, 2015, died at the early age of 61. He leaves behind two daughters, Shaina Lynn Heafner and Katie Ann Heafner; and a brother, David Heafner.

Tim would like everyone to know that he is sorry he had to leave so early, but he had a scheduled appointment from above. This appointment he just couldn’t pass up. He was offered total benefits of a reunion with friends and family he has missed over the years. His new mission in this second life is to socialize with everyone and to keep fishing to his heart’s content. Love and good times are guaranteed. He will always be happy, depression does not exist here. He can eat all the Whopper’s he wants and not gain a pound. He wants everyone to celebrate his life and his new mission. He knows his daughters are strong and everyone knows how much he loved and always will love his daughters.

We would like him to know that he was a great father and brother and did the best to his ability that he could. We wish him the best of luck on his new adventure and outlook on life. We will all remember his love, compassion, kindness, smile and sense of adventure. He worked hard in life, and that’s where Katie and I get our independence from. He impacted the lives of many, and he will never be forgotten.

Love you Dad- Shaina Lynn Heafner and Katie Ann Heafner
**Please contact Shaina regarding service at 757 274-3783.

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Bruce Maston
8 years ago

I realized when Tim died that I’d known him for almost 50 years. Few things are as etched in one’s mind as childhood memories. And I go way back with not just Tim, but Bill, his dad, Annie, his mom, and Becky and David, his sister and brother.

So many memories keep flooding back: like falling in the backyard creek while trying to catch minnows me mostly and clever Tim trapping muskrats when we dared to sneak across the railroad tracks. Or Becky experiencing new freedom when she got her driver’s license, although I drove when we went to the senior prom. Or Bill taking Tim, David, and me fishing in that huge black Oldsmobile with our fishing poles dangling out the windows. Us kids loved it, and I think Bill did to, he just wanted some peace and quiet. I remember David observing and always thinking about better ways to do things. And those great home-cooked grits and butter, biscuits, bacon, and eggs Annie would make for breakfast. Bill had a rooster named Specs that would chase us kids and make us laugh, as we would enjoy the smell of fresh-cut grass early in the morning.

As the years passed, I left Gatewood Park but have returned more often in the past 10-12 years. I became reaquainted with Tim, as he was living down the block in his old family home. Sadly, it was then that I also became reacquainted with mental illness, because my mom, Marjorie, had suffered from it as well, and I’d seen how every-day life could be such a struggle for her. Unfortunately, back in those days, it wasn’t talked about much.

Tim kept saying in recent years, “I need to solve my problem,” and it puzzled me. But as I look back, I get it. We all have problems we try to solve. I suppose that we succeed in some and others, not. But we are all just human, and perfection isn’t required. We all have weaknesses and challenges, whether you hang drywall, a police officer, construction worker, homeless, a housewife, or you fly airplanes.

So while Tim was struggling with increasing challenges, our friendship resumed just like we were still kids again. I was frustrated that I couldn’t do more to help him, but I think just knowing I was around and was still a reliable friend gave him some comfort. We still found what to laugh about, and of course he talked often and with great love for his daughters, Shaina and Katie.

Tim’s long journey is over and he is now at peace, which he so deserved. I will surely miss him and treasure my happy memories of Tim and the Heafner family. Goodbye old friend.

Laura and Steven Thomas
8 years ago

Rest in peace our dear friend, have a great adventure in Heaven, you will be missed. Love and prayers from our family to yours.

Dena Fenton
8 years ago

So sorry for your lose and Tim you will be missed but truly not forgotten and thru your daughters you live on!!! Love you guys!

Pattie Bartruff
8 years ago

Tim gave me the most beautiful blessings in the world.There were good times & adventures raising the girls.Tim loved to take the girls on many field trips.They have done alot of fun things because he was such an active Dad in their lives.Fishing, the beach,taking care of

ducks,squirrels,bunnies,&birds, etc-oh the stories.He was an excellent father & he loved his kids dearly.At peace now & watching over Katie & Shaina & not stressed anymore.Rest in peace Tim