Wallace ”Rick” Colthurst

July 15, 1941 - August 11, 2001

07/15/1941 - 08/11/2001

Retired US Navy CMDR, Wallace R. Colthurst, 60 passed away suddenly in his neighborhood of Haygood Point on August 11, 2001.

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Joan & Howard Smith
8 years ago

A true “Hail Fellow Well Met,” Rick loved people of all kinds and ages. He would be friends with each of the strangers on an elevator by the time he reached his floor – and have a few new business contacts as well. Rick loved gadgets and “techie toys” as he called them. The three of us had a sort of contest going to see who could find the neatest new piece of software or hardware every month. Although it was the two of us against him, he won a lot of times! He’s probably telling St. Peter right now about new Heaven’s Gates Security Software.

Rick especially loved the Navy. Nothing gave him as much pride and satisfaction as delivering an important piece of software or a complete new system to a Navy site. Many times that meant staying up all night with the INRI team to get a system configured and running, then driving it and the INRI engineer to the site to install it. He once talked a cop into escorting him to base instead of giving him a ticket because the package he was carrying was so important to the Carrier getting underway.

Family was the center of Rick’s life. He was proud of Pat finishing her degree while holding a job and managing a household, and talked often about the opportunities for his children, his hopes for their success, and how delightful his grandson is. He loved his “in-laws” as much as his own family, and spoke with pleasure about visiting them, doing “techie things” with them, and just generally sharing their company. And of course, he stayed in constant contact with his own cousins and family. He told us more than once that he’d been able to wheedle a seat onto an overbooked flight just so he could go up to Oakland from San Diego to visit his cousin Tom. And he did it while paying the cheapest fare!

Most of all, Rick loved Life and looked forward to each new day. His joy and energy were freely shared, and his optimism never flagged. Rick was a close personal friend to both of us, and we will always miss him.

Laura Lejano
8 years ago

“The guardian angels of life sometimes fly so high as to bebeyond our sight, but they are always looking down upon us.”

My deepest sympathies to the Colthurst family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Gillian I pray for you in your time of grief and wish you love and compassion for you days…

Bernard and Kathleen BeallFrehner
8 years ago

As part of the California Colthursts, we were separated by an entire continent and yet Rick’s visits to the family were legendary. He and his smile will be greatly missed.

Maggie Halme
8 years ago

Dear Pat,

I was deeply sorrowed to hear of your loss. My

thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



Pat Thompson
8 years ago

Dear Pat, I knew he was a kind and sweet man, but I had no idea how much he had accomplished in the Navy. You must be very proud to have had him in your life. God bless you.

Love and fond memories,

Pat and Mrs. Rapp

Art Inserra
8 years ago

Deepest condolences for the the Colhurst family. Being relatively new to INRI and despite my being a retired Marine.. Rick was always available to provide rudder correction and a historical prespective on many of INRI’s projects. He’ll be sorely missed.

Walter, Marie & Paul Gacek
8 years ago

Extending our deepest sympathies on your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers. May God be with each member of Rick’s family.

Captain John O'Neil USN retired
8 years ago

Hang on there. Rick was a good man and a fine Naval Officer. He will be missed.

John & Carol O’Neil

Mark Hartgrove
8 years ago

I had the priviledge of working for Rick for many years.

He was a good friend and Mentor. I will always

remember him as always on the go and always

able to overcome any new challenge. He was

the most resourceful man I’ve ever met.

My heart and prayers go out to Pat, and his

children. May God Bless and Keep you.

Charlene C Bowman
8 years ago

I met Rick when I started working at INRI in 1995.

He always had a friendly smile and a jovial outlook

Before I went to do an off site assignment in Key

West he took me aside and told me some important

things about working at JIATF-East that turned out

to be very helpful. He was always a true friend

and I will miss him very much. When I left INRI to

work at Symantec he was very nice and stopped by

to tell me he was sorry to see me go. I want to

express my great sorrow to Rick’s family and close

friends. I’m sure your pain is great. He was such a

special man I know his loss will leave a huge hole

in your heart.


Jennifer Skalski
8 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of working with Rick here in our San Diego office. I am shocked and saddened to hear of your loss. Please know that your family will be in my prayers.

Dan Grubbs
8 years ago

I worked with Rick at INRI. He was quite a leader/manager. He always looked out for his team members, shielding them from all sorts of unpleasantries. Very resourceful! He will be missed.

Fare Winds, Rick

Kathryn S. Murphy
8 years ago

I worked with Rick from the start of my career with what is now SPAWAR Systems Center. Back then we were working the JOTS system in which INRI was the software developer. Rick was instrumental in our success in supporting the program

Bruce and Debbie Drees
8 years ago

It was a pleasure working and traveling with Rick in his early Inri days. I can’t recall ever meeting anyone as unstoppable. We shared some great moments trekking through exotic places around the world.

Patricia, as a student at VWC, I Debbie had no idea that our husbands knew each other. I am so sorry that your family’s tragedy has now made me aware of this.

We send our heartfelt sympathies to Rick’s family and friends.

Marcia Churray
8 years ago

It was a pleasure working with and knowing Rick.

May you and your family find peace with your

sudden loss. God bless and keep you.

Dave Custodio
8 years ago

It was always a pleasure to work and talk with Rick from time to time.

My deepest sympathies to the Colthurst Family.

Tim Armstrong
8 years ago

Mark Hartgrove and I worked the JOTS program in the early days 1987 with Frank and Rick. It was always a challenge trying to be in the right place at the right time to support the fleet. Rick never let us down. We always knew that he was on the other side of the world ready to move mountains if needed so we could get the job done. Even though I worked for EDO and not INRI, Rick always helped me and looked out for me so we could accomplish our goals. He always gave 110% in everything I saw him do. I truly sorry to learn of his passing and can say that our country has lost a real American hero. God BlessÖ..

Ken Epker
8 years ago

May God bless your family in this time of grief.

Nanette Meyer
8 years ago

My condolences and prayers are with Rick’s family. I feel I am blessed to have known him and to have great memories of working with him. I miss you Rick – your great laugh and your friendship.

Julie Bennink
8 years ago

My condolences to Rick’s family and friends. Rick was a good, kind and sensitive man and I will miss him.

Rick Tanner
8 years ago

My deepest condolences. Rick was a great person to work with and a true national asset.

Marie Kenney
8 years ago

My deepest sympathies to Pat and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time.

Rick was an amazing co-worker and friend and he will be missed dearly. Since I’ve been telecommuting, it’s been hard to keep in touch with old friends at INRI. I’ll never forget the time Rick stopped by to visit on one of his trips to see his mom in Oakland.

May his memory live on in all of us who knew him. God bless.

Rick Grajirena
8 years ago

My deepest sympathies to Patricia and family.

Rick crewed for me when we won the All Navy Sailing Championships in Norfolk while stationed aboard the USS Hyades.

Rick Grajirena

Michael E. Barrett
8 years ago

My deepest sympathies to Rick’s family. He departed much too early.

Fair winds and following seas!

Dias Muira Huit,


Sharon Ellis
8 years ago

My deepest sympathy to Rick’s family. He was

a great person who always made time for you in

his hectic schedule. I don’t think he really knew

how much I appreciated all the support and

friendship he gave me over the years we worked

together. We are all going to miss him. You’re in

my prayers.

Julie Holec
8 years ago

My sincere sympathies to Rick’s family and friends. I’m happy to have known him. I will keep with me many wonderful memories of an extremely dynamic man.

Tim Wahlstrom
8 years ago

My sincerest condolences to the Colthurst family.

In my eleven years with INRI and now Logicon INRI Rick and I had several occasions to work together. My most recent and perhaps most memorable experience with Rick was on the golf course in a tournament Wednesday August 8, 2001. I was fortunate enough to play on his team and enjoyed his company, humor, and sportsmanship. I will miss him.

Henry & Marlene Maze
8 years ago

One of my best friends..a great guy, generous in all ways , especially in his care and concern for others. He had a marvelous sense of humor, a charming personality and a knack for brightening anyone’s day.

Farwell good friend. It’s hard to believe we saw our last A’s game together on your birthday. But we have good memories and we’ll carry on in your spirit.

Joe,Patty,Nicole Gacek
8 years ago

Our deepest sympathies to patricia and her family

Don Nash
8 years ago

Our thoughts and prayers to the Colthurst family. Rick possessed an energy and loyalty to any project totally unsurpassed. We will miss Rick, a friend and a shipmate. Fair Winds and Following Seas.

Joe Mulkerrin
8 years ago


Our condolscences to the entire family. Ann & I are in shock. How ironic to see you, both, just last Thursday. If there is any help you need, we are right around the corner.

Love, Joe & Ann

Becky Edmondson
8 years ago

Patricia, each of us hurts for you and your children. God bless you!

Mike Bowman
8 years ago

Patti and I send our heartfelt sympathy to Pat and

the family. Rick was a great friend at

INRI where I “served” with him for 12 years.

With Rick, service was a religious experience, with

a smile and a bounce. It was a

great honor and priveledge to work with

him and know him as a friend.

Jackie & Mary Ann Lawrence
8 years ago

Rick is one of the true legends of INRI. He will never be replaced. Rick, rest your oar.

Our sincerest sympathy to Rick’s family and friends.

Jim Pietrocini
8 years ago

Rick was a great co-worker and friend at INRI. I will always remember his dedication and steadfast committment to getting support for a JOTS user. The best time was when I stayed overnight at the Colthurst’s residence and saw his great wife and family. The Navy C4I community really owes alot to Rick Colthurst…

r/ Jim Pietrocini

Genie Hudkins
8 years ago

Rick was a very dynamic person and it is

difficult to imagine that he will no longer be part

of “INRI.” I pray that he is resting in God’s arms.

Robert & Jerri Beall
8 years ago

Rick was a very intregal part of our family. We celebrated his 60th birthday with him. We will miss his wonderful smile and all the joy he brought to our family. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat & all of the family. Love, Jerri & Bob Beall cousins in California

Bob Skertic
8 years ago

Rick was Always Helpful to the Marines here at Quantico. May God Bless Him

and You!

George G. Jefferson
8 years ago

Rick will be greatly missed.

Our sympathy and prayers are

with Rick’s family this week.

Rebecca White
8 years ago


As I said to you before I left INRI last year, it was a pleasure working with you –well, maybe not always, but you had a way to make me smile even at the worst of times. ;- I can never thank you enough for all of your support and the confidence you instilled in me during the years we worked together. Your quick whit and charming personality will be greatly missed. Becky

Suzanne Zazzi
8 years ago

Rick’s sudden death has been very difficult on many members of his family. However, as we look back on his life, he was fun, interesting, friendly and personable. He was not only our cousin, but our friend.

No, no more last minute visits from Rick. They were fun, werenít they? Heíd just be in town and decide to stop by. Sometimes dinner, or dinner and spend the evening and off heíd go in the morning. And whether it was last minute or not, he was just FUN. Sometimes heíd double book. Heíd be here and I would get a call from his Mom asking when heíd be over there, or someone else would call. Same thing. Double booked. But, Iíd have to hand it to him. He did the personable thing and spent quality time with each one of us. Iím grateful for the time we did have with him. And now, I know to be more appreciative of each passing day and all the people around me, for life is truly short.

We love you Rick, and miss you already.

The family’s memorial to Rick is at http://www.jecolthurstfamily and click on the ‘Important notice regarding Rick Colthurst’ at the top of the home page in red.

With love, Suzanne

Veronica L. Ejma
8 years ago

Sympathies to the Colthurst Family from the Chesapeake-INRI office. We are so sorry for your loss. May God give you peace at this time.

Michael McLane
8 years ago

There’s little anyone can say, Pat, about your loss, and the loss your whole family now feels. I can offer only what another has already said.

The Last Invocation

At the last, tenderly,

From the walls of the

powerful, fortress’d house,

From the clasp of the knitted

locks–from the keep of the

well-closed doors,

Let me be wafted.

Let me glide noiselessly


With the key of softness

unlock the locks–with a


Set ope the doors, O soul!

Tenderly! be not impatient!

Strong is your hold, O

mortal flesh.

Strong is your hold, O love.

Walt Whitman

Matthew Sargent
8 years ago

To Rick’s family and friends, my deepest sympathies go out to you. His sudden loss is a blow that will not heal quickly. I fondly remember the time we worked together at INRI. He taught me things that I will never forget. I strive to live life as fully as Rick, but I fall far short of the mark he set. I knew him all too briefly yet I will sadly miss him. I can only imagine the sadness those who knew him more deeply must feel. God bless you who knew him, may His love help you now and in the times to come.

P.S. To Rick, if you are checking e-mail, I just finished the 20 volume set of Patrick O’Brien novels you started me on. Who the heck is going to answer my questions about square-rigged ships now!

Jeff Bailey
8 years ago

To Rick’s family, I want to express my deepest sympathy. It is my prayer that God will provide comfort and peace now and in the days to come.

Though I’ve known of Rick for some time here at INRI, I’ve only had the privilege of working closely with him for the past year. During that time, what struck me most about him was his leadership but also his willingness to do even the most menial task if it would help the team. He was always busy doing whatever was needed to get the job done. Thanks, Rick. I will greatly miss your friendship and sense of humor and vocabulary!

George & Catherine Petrusky
8 years ago

To Rick’s family, our deepest sympathies. We will always remember the times at St Pius and the basketball games and good conversations.

George, Cathy, Christy & Sara

Ronn Pay
8 years ago

To Ricks Family. Rick always had a smile on his face was willing to share his latest and greatest in technology. He will be sorely missed. Your family is in my prayers.

The Ross Beall, jr Family
8 years ago

We were all looking forward to seeing Rick and his family this Sept. He will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers to Pat and his family at this sad time.

David Engel
8 years ago

When Frank and I started INRI, we set out to find those few individuals who put honor and integrity above all else; people who lead through actions and not words; people who are friends first and employees second. Rick was among the elite of this group.

His leadership, his compassion for people, his principles will never be equalled. I shall miss him dearly and keep his memory as a gift to treasure the rest of my life.