Thomas Gilbert Newell

October 4, 1931 - July 27, 2008

10/04/1931 - 07/27/2008

Past Services

Friday August 01, 2008
2:00 pm
Altmeyer Funeral Home - Virginia Beach
5792 Greenwich Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
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Virginia Beach-Thomas Gilbert Newell, 76, passed away July 27, 2008 in a local hospital. He was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas and Malvina Newell.

Tom honorably served on active duty in the Army from March 1951 to December 1953. During this time he defended our country by completing a tour in the Korean War. Additionally he proudly served as a member of the U.S. Marine Core in the grade of technical sergeant as an infantry unit leader served for four years until he got out in January 1957. He was a member of the VFW, National Rifle Association and retired from U.S. Airways.

Mr. Newell is survived by his loving wife of 32 years, Betty J. Newell; his two step-children, Terri Campion and Michael McKinney; his grandchildren, Julie, Jessie, Megan, Maggie, Joey and Stephen; and 3 great-grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held on Friday, August 1, 2008 at 2:00PM in Altmeyer Funeral home, 5792 Greenwich Rd., VA Beach. In lieu of flowers donations can be made to the Diabetes Association. Condolences may be shared with the family at

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Betty Newell
8 years ago

For My Loving Husband,

Tom was my soul mate, and I thank God that he brought him into my life. I knew him before we dated as I used to work at the Airport restaurant. So a few years later when he came into my place of work at Big Star and asked me out on a date, I didn’t think twice, I said ‘Yes’! Then afterward, I got home and wished I hadn’t agreed so quickly. But as it turned out, it was the best thing I had ever done.

For a couple that had so many different interests we gelled so well. He did his thing, I did mine and we did so many things together. He was an avid Redskins fan. And when they were losing, I used to tease him and say, ‘The skinny kins are going to loose, the skinny kins are going to loose!’. He would tell me to go in the other room.

He also loved to be around people. He considered his fellow workers at Peidmont part of his family. He loved to cook and have people over, I remember he would invite pilots and flight attendants who were stuck over the holidays to the house so they could have a holiday meal, especially Christmas and Thanksgiving. He did all the cooking and shopping and I never discouraged him. I had the clean up job, but I didn’t care!

His other love in life was the water, he used to do a lot of scuba diving, he loved boats and he especially enjoyed the sailboat that we had. It took him a while to learn to sail it, but if you knew Tom he would not give up on anything until he had it conquered. He had that sailboat over on its side so much that the keel was out of the water but it was not long before he had mastered the art of sailing. A lot of good times on the water, maybe he should have been in the Navy!

I was married 32 years to Tom and I have lots and lots of wonderful memories. We had our ups and downs, but I would not change anything. I love him and I’m going to miss him deeply. But, he is in my heart forever and someday we will be together again. By the grace of God!

Julie Campion
8 years ago

Heavy Weighs the Anchor

Weighted is the man that is given much strength, and much is expected

Never did you see him falter, he left nothing neglected

A man not of my blood, but a Father when I had none, a Grandfather when I needed one

My example of how husbands should be when the list came up wanting

Questions about life, love and history in my mind taunting

Though, heavy weighs the anchor

He knew me before I knew myself,

But, the hourglass has spilled upon the shelf

I’ve tried to make him proud, a son I could not be,

But I’ve given it my best shot, I’ve given it the best of me

Thirty two years of my life will his memories hold

I know he will be watching as the rest will unfold

But, heavy weighs the anchor

Now, left to all of us, his strength gives us fight

His laugh is our joy, and his kindness our plight

And while this anchor weighs heavy on us tonight

We will always be reminded that our Lords burden is light

So, I will regret not the times missed or answers sought

But remember the glimpses and whispers that my heart has caught

Alas, the anchor is heavy but my heart is not!

Written for My Grandpa, 1 Aug 2008

David J Mantel
8 years ago

I fondly remember our Piedmont parties at Harold’s and the summer parties in Tom & Betty’s back yard. We had some great times. Tom was a pleasure to work with and helped to make Piedmont a great place to work. My deepest sympathy to Betty & family.

Julie Campion
8 years ago

I love you and miss you so much! I’ll miss your breakfast biscuits…

8 years ago

I met Tom when I first went to work at Piedmont in Norfolk. He was alway a pleasure to work with and be around. He surely will be missed.

Have a smooth flight West.

Megan Campion
8 years ago

I miss you and love you papa. I’m going to miss your cooking and especially those biscuits. I know Alyssa Smilie will miss you too. You could always make her smile. Football season will be hard without you. I will keep rooting for the Redskins. Maxie misses you too, I’m glad I could give her too you and be you joy with another kitty. I’m going to miss being called Carrot Top. I miss you and love you, Carrot Top

Michael McKinney
8 years ago

Love and Thanks. Mike and Joanne McKinney

David Arthur
8 years ago

Mr. Newell taught me that the biggest man in the room doesn’t have to be loud to get his point across. You have provided many great examples that I will take with me through life. I am glad god gave us the chance to cross paths. I will miss you.

Jerry Morgan
8 years ago

Sorry for your loss…if you receive this email me??


Jane Moore Smith
8 years ago

Tommy – you were the best friend to so many of us at Piedmont Airlines. You were generous with your time and gave a willing helping hand over and over again to so many people. Knowing that I would see your smiling face when I went to work made my day. I miss you. Jane