Nicole Lane Chappelle

May 25, 1949 - June 18, 2008

05/25/1949 - 06/18/2008

Past Services

Saturday June 21, 2008
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Altmeyer Funeral Home - Virginia Beach
5792 Greenwich Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
800-934-4648 | Directions
Sunday June 22, 2008
3:00 pm
Unity Church of Tidewater
5580 Shell Road
Virginia Beach, VA

Nicole L. Chappelle
VIRGINIA BEACH – Nicole Lane Chappelle, 59, passed away on June 18, 2008.
She was born in Newport News, VA on May 25, 1949 and resided in Virginia Beach since 1963.

Nicole is survived by her partner, Linda Sherburne; her sister, Marian V. “Gin” Chappelle of Albuquerque, NM, and her aunt, Jackie Saunders of Smithfield, VA. She was the daughter of the late Ruby Underwood Taylor and Marion Lane Chappelle.

Nicole was a special agent in charge with the Defense Security Service, and later Office of Personnel Management. She recently retired after providing 41 years of service in support of our national security. In 1990 Nicole earned a Masters in Public Administration from Golden Gate University.

Throughout her life, Nicole loved and was good at all sports. She was a tennis umpire at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the US Open. Nicole’s graceful talent on the tennis court earned her several trips to national level tournaments. She loved to run and walk. She walked thousands of miles with the Gator Volksmarch Club and her ever faithful companion Mesa – who is meeting her at the rainbow bridge. Later in life Nicole appreciated tending to the yard in the home she so loved.

Nicole’s generous and giving nature lead her to many fund raising opportunities. She captained the ‘Buddies for Life’ Relay team that raised several thousand dollars to support the American Cancer Society. Nicole worked tirelessly for years in support of many animal organizations. The Norfolk SPCA was especially dear to her.

Nicole was an avid reader and traveler; she loved movies, music and small fast cars. Nicole was considered a cherished and true friend by many.

The family will receive friends on Saturday, June 21, 2008 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Altmeyer Funeral Home 5792 Greenwich Road, Virginia Beach. A memorial service will be held on Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 3:00pm at the Unity Church of Tidewater, 5580 Shell Road, Virginia Beach.

Memorial donations may be made to the Norfolk SPCA at 916 Ballentine Boulevard, Norfolk, Virginia 23504.

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Ben Simmons
8 years ago

A loss to everyone who knew her. She was REAL!

Dena Elrod
8 years ago

Chapelle Family,

I work with Linda. I offer my condolences and extend my thoughts and prayers to you and your family during this time. Remember the good times and have faith.


Linda Spady
8 years ago

Cousin Gin, I will always remember and treasure the fun that we always had as children and as adults. We knew that there would be lots of laughter when the cousins got together! I will miss and treasure Nicole and her laugh, and we must remember that she has joined “Boobie” and is at peace. I love you, Your cousin Linda

Linda, I am so glad that you and Nicole had so many good years together, and I know that you will miss her terribly for years to come. I pray that you will ultimately find comfort and peace in your wonderful memories. Much love to you, Linda

8 years ago

Dear all, June 21,2008

What an adventurous and fun loving human being Niki was! We met at the 1984 LA Olympics where we were both lucky enough to have been chosen to umpire for tennis. What a blast we had. Never would have had so much fun if it werenâÄôt for the fun loving spirit of Niki. She kept everyone on their toes with her quick wit and fun loving spirit.

One story I will never forget, nor stop telling, took place at an Olympic official party at a very exclusive Malibu home on the beach. All the big wigs of the Olympics were there, including Juan Antonio Samaranch. All were sitting near the pool and dance floor. Niki, having the position she did for so many years where she was not allowed to divulge her actual job description or her top secret level would be compromised, was asked what she did in her âÄúreal life?âÄù ThatâÄôs how other umpires referred to our jobs outside of umpiring. She seriously stated that she was a go-go dancer at a club!!! She then proceeded to get on the dance floor and strut her stuff!! No one questioned her job description after that!! What a dancer!!

The following year Niki & I planed a ski trip to Innsbruck. You all know how Niki gets into the planning of the itinerary of trips!! She booked us for a ride on the Olympic Bob Sled run!! Of course I told her I would snap photos of her while she sped past me on the mountain and to let me know how much fun it was because there was no way in hell that she would see me in the seat of a bobsled on top of a mountain!

Well, she won, I lost. Niki convinced me to join her in this adventure. While waiting for the run, we met a couple British Olympic athletes practicing the luge. They said how they had all broken at least one bone in their body at some point in their luge sport adventures. Then they proceeded to tell us that the bobsled was much more dangerous because of the weight of the sled when it toppled over on the riders!!!

There we were, with our helmets on, on top of a mountain about to âÄúhopâÄù into the six seater bobsled. The run was to be one mile in length at speeds of 60 miles an hour!! So, the trip would only be a short one-minute. It was the LONGEST ONE-MINUTE OF MY LIFE!!!! As we boarded the bobsled, I was in the back, a young gentleman in front of me and Niki up front on the second seat. All of a sudden the damn thing started to slide down the mountain and I yelled, âÄúWhere is the driver??âÄù He miraculously appeared next to me as he proceeded to now run next to the sled to jump in front of Niki to steer the sled! JesusâÄ_. what if he slipped and NIKI would be in charge of our destiny? Knowing her, she would have championed the moment and brought us in for a smooth run.

My only remembrance of the run was seeing a head jerking, bobbing and swaying in front of me and hearing the word,âÄùSHIIIITTTT!!!âÄù all the way down the slope. I then realized that sreaming was me and I immediately apologized to the guy in front of me for my screeching verbiage. Niki was all chipper and ecstatic when we got to the bottom. She took one look at me and asked, âÄúWell what did you think?âÄù Here I was, black & blue on both side of my legs and arms as I crashed back and forth in the bobsled. I said, âÄúI loved it!âÄù We then were given a mug of Bavarian beer and awarded certificates for surviving the Innsbruck Olympic Bobsled run!!! Go figure.

From the day I met Niki I knew she was a very special friend, daughter and sister. She showed great compassion for everything she did, whether it was her tennis, umpiring & playing her job, pets, mom, toy cars, making travel arrangements, or friends. When she visited me in NJ or I visited in Virginia Beach, it was nonstop fun!! The one saying that I will always credit her with is, âÄúIâÄôM IN THE CAR!!âÄù Meaning she was ready and waiting to get on to the next activity.

When Linda came into the picture I saw an extremely happy, content, joyful woman beyond the woman I had seen in Niki before. She had met her SOUL MATE!

After that meeting, phone calls, letters, visits were all centered on her special love for her new partner. This was a match made in Heaven. And someday that match will reinvent itself again right where it started. Of course, Mesa will be right there licking their faces to greet them.

Goodbye my budâÄ_âÄ_âÄ_when we meet again, I promise I will go skydiving with ya!!!!



Hello Linda,

You are one special and very lucky woman!!! Special because you made Niki’s life so very special and now her death. Very luck woman because you shared a life with a companion that lit up a room, lived life to her fullest, showed compassion for her friends and loved ones, had fun at the drop of a hat and loved her pets.

I am so sad that I am unable to make the trip to be with you and Gin at Nicole’s celebration. But the hip/back maladies I have been experiencing for the past three months negated even contemplating the trip.

My thought and prayers are with you today,


Kim Lightfoot
8 years ago

Dear Gin and Linda,

I am so deeply saddened to hear about the loss of Nicole. She is now no longer suffering and will be at peace.

Nicole touched many lives and will be missed and never be forgotten.

My thoughts and prayers are with both of you.

Love, Kim

Linda Atwell
8 years ago

Dear Gin and Linda,

Thank God Nicole is in peace, happy and healthy again. Nicole remains in my heart as do you two who are in every prayer.

May God bless and comfort you.

All my love,


Mary Ann Bosworth
8 years ago

Dear Gin and Linda,

My heartfelt sympathy at your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May God bless you,

Mary Ann

David Saunders
8 years ago

Dear Gin and Linda,

My deepest condolences for your loss. I’ll never forget the laughter we all shared many years ago at our Underwood family get togethers. Too many to remember. Lots of eating, looking at vacation slides and telling jokes. Gin and Nicole always had us rolling on the floor. Nicole was a true gem and I’ll miss her.

Love you Gin,

David Saunders

Katy, Tony and Val Zownir Brazis
8 years ago

Dear Gin and Linda, There are really no words that can fill the void – only love,time and sweet memories. Our thoughts and hearts are with you at this difficult time. I will light a candle for Nicole to shine her way across that rainbow bridge. Love you, Katy, Tony and Val

Diane Norton
8 years ago

Dear Linda and Gin,

I will forever miss my friend and our talks. She taught me to laugh everyday, care for everyone, never complain, and love like there is no tomorrow.

Dru Logan
8 years ago

Dear Linda and Gin,

My prayers are with you during this very difficult time.

God be with you both,


Jim & Beverly Black
8 years ago

Dear Linda,

We were saddened to hear of Nicole’s passing. Her long ordeal is now over, and she is at peace. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Love, Jim & Bev Black

Conny Reynolds Scott
8 years ago

Deepest Sympathy to friends and family.

Joanne Gossman
8 years ago

Gin & Linda,

I just watched the very moving video tribute to Nicole and so wish that I had had a chance to meet such a beautiful and special person. My heart is breaking for you and I wish you much love and peace.


Mel Zownir
8 years ago

Gin & Linda, We’re thinking of you with Love-Mel, Jim, Jess and Ty

Kate and Don Bloom
8 years ago


Don and I send our heartfelt condolences to you and your family. It is so difficult to lose a loved one. Just remember that you will again see her some day. She is now free from pain and happy; looking down on all her loved ones. Take care of yourself. If you need anything, please let us know. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Kate and Don

Marilyn Pasteur
8 years ago

Gin: Words are not enough to express the sorrow I feel for the loss of your sister. I wish I could be there for the services. But I will always remember my cousin as she was when we were young. How we played, laughed and sang. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the family during this time. With love, Your Cousin Marilyn

suzanne saunders
8 years ago

I worked with Nicole in the mid 1980’s and 90’s. She was a person who enjoyed working and wanted to do everything well. Alas, I did not know her well but was always impressed with her sincerity and her desire to see every job through to completion. I saw Nicole the last time at Christmas time, at the office, and remember the warmth and the ease of her smile. My condolences to her family. Suzanne Saunders

Camille Coombes
8 years ago

Linda and Gin,

My most heartfelt condolences to you and the family. Nicole’s strength and spirit will always have a special place in my heart.

Chris Wilson
8 years ago

Linda and Gin,

I cannot imagine a world without our “Buddy”. Nicole was an extraordinary person who inspired all who knew and loved her. She was filled with an abundance of compassion for others furry and not so and not one ounce of self pity. I will forever miss Nicole and I will always cherish her friendship. She has made a profound impact on my life and outlook. Nicole will always live in my heart. I am so very sorry for your loss.

Crystal Coombes and Angie Campbell
8 years ago

Linda Gin and Jackie…Nicole was a gentle spirit, true natured, kind hearted, and an especially tender soul. Her passion for life was tested and proven these last few years. She will be fondly remembered and greatly missed. Our love and support to you.

Erica Ueland
8 years ago


I am proud to have met Nicole. I pray that the days ahead will rise up in peace and joy for you, and ever present tributes to her. Prayers, Erica

Rita S Moulen
8 years ago


I am so sorry for your loss.My deepest sympathies are with you.

Sending the biggest hug~

Love, Rita

8 years ago


I just knew something was not right when I had not heard from you in so long. I know I did not spend much time with you and Nicole but I always knew from the very beginning of our friendship that you and Nicole were one! When Nicole was first diagnosed you both were determined to find a way to beat the odds and you did! Nicole fought well past the original expectations and I know you were right there fighting with her, and for her, when she couldn’t each day.

Today when I got your email my heart sunk and I felt horrible that I missed such an important time in your life! I am so sorry I was not there to pay my respects to Nicole! I am so very sorry that I was not there for you and your closest friends and family. I have no excuses except I should have been more persistent in trying to get in touch when I had not heard from you after many emails.

I have been praying for you and Nicole every night for a very long time, tonight you will both still be in my prayers but they will be just a bit different. I will thank God for relieving Nicole’s pain and ask him to be with you as you find your way through each day without the woman who owns your heart and soul!

I am here if you need a break from the routine or just need someone for a diversion.

Love, Cyndi

Kevin Verrall
8 years ago


My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. God Bless.

Ken Johnson
8 years ago


I am very sorry to hear about your loss. My thoughts will be with you in my future prayers.

Ken J.

Sandy Peterson
8 years ago


We are so sorry to hear about Nicole’s passing. At least she is now at peace and probably walking Mesa by now. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love you, Sandy, Bill, and Jordan

Sandra Bryant
8 years ago

Linda, I am so sorry about your loss. May the Lord comfort and bless you with His Love. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Warmest Regards, Sandra

Margaret Beneventano
8 years ago

Linda, my deepest sympathies on your loss.

Ed & Carolyn Wood
8 years ago


We are sorry for your loss…Our thoughts are with you.


Ed & Carolyn

8 years ago

May your memories of Barbara

Nicole carry you through these

difficult times

8 years ago

My prayers are going up for you and your family,even though i don’t know you at all,i am a good friend of Linda’s and i know you will be watching over her and so will Messa.From reading Nicole’s accomplishments in life,she seems to have lived it extremely well and she is very smart,why do we lose the great ones.Nicole is resting peacefully now while becoming a angel,she will be really really missed by all who loved her.May the lord bless your family at this time and keep you forever blessed.

8 years ago

Nicole was loved and appreciated by her sister Gin V. Chappelle. I only knew Nicole through Gin’s eyes and I came to respect this lady with all my heart. I knew she love Mesa like an human being and was so sad when she lost Mesa. Now she will be able to see her again and Ruby her mom in heaven. I am sad for Gin and Linda what a terrible loss, but Nicole does not have to suffer anymore. LOVE CHATOU

8 years ago

Nicole’s spirit and love for life showed everyone around her that no matter the challenges and hardships you can still get the best out of life and live your best. Thanks for being a good friend and teacher Nicole. Love Shannon

Kelly Davis
8 years ago

Our encounter was short, but sweet. The time i spent in Virginia at your house will stay with me forever. The bike ride was my favorite!


Bob, Amy Grace and Andrew
8 years ago

So many wonderful memories of Nicole. We will miss her beautiful smile.


Bob, Amy, Grace and Andrew

Robert Gene Garris
8 years ago

Sorry to hear about Barbara , she was my ”playmate” as kids.Best wishes to all. Robert Gene 71 Odd rd. Poquoson ,va.,23662 — 757-338-0711 Sorry I will be taking son to UVA football camp in Charlottesville . Gin , stay in touch —

Dianne and Phillip Uzdawinis
8 years ago

You and all you hold dear will forever be in our prayers and our thoughts. You are free and will be with us forever!