Charles Eugene Weed, Sr.

January 25, 1943 - March 16, 2015

01/25/1943 - 03/16/2015

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Jack & Jean Sengewalt
8 years ago

We are so sorry about Charles. He was a good neighbor and he will be missed.

leah may
4 years ago

its been a few years but I miss you grandpa wish I could still see you

leah may
4 years ago

its been a few years but I still miss going to your house ever summer

4 years ago

i miss you i miss seeing you every summer i found a picture of you and grandma im 14 now

your granddaughter
2 years ago

It’s been a while since you passed its been about 7 years actually and I miss you so much I’m in 11th grade now and is doing better after you passed it was hard I went into a depressed state more than what I am in now and been in when I learned about depression I realize that I’ve been struggling with it for a while. I’m 16 by the way ill be 17 a month before it will be 7 years I mean I can keep track of how long its been I was only ten when you passed I was spoused to see you that summer because we didn’t the last summer before you were gone I never got told what happened but grandma and mom fought the week of your funeral.I took that hard we don’t talk to her anymore I got in contacted with her but got yelled at mom said she wasn’t the best person we don’t really talk to anyone on her side of the family. i really miss you I have a picture of you and grandma on my Instagram ( a place to look at pictures and talk to friends basically online) I know you might not see this I mean I don’t even really believe in God I don’t know what to believe in. I wish I could of saw you one last time you were my favourite person I love you grandpa

2 years ago

i miss you