Arthur G. Rohm, Jr.

May 30, 1959 - January 22, 2007

05/30/1959 - 01/22/2007

Past Services

Thursday January 25, 2007
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Altmeyer Funeral Home - Virginia Beach
5792 Greenwich Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
800-934-4648 | Directions
Friday January 26, 2007
11:30 am
St. John The Apostle Catholic Church
1968 Sandbridge Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456


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Steve & Carrie Weeks
8 years ago


To a great friend and team mate. I will always remember the red ryder club and the times we had. You will be sincerely missed.

Steve & Carrie Weeks

William and Lynn Motley
8 years ago

ArthurBUDDYwas a dear freind to us.We will miss him,but will always

remember him.He will always be with

you and in your hearts.GOD BLESS you all.

Martha Meier
8 years ago

Buddy was one of the nicest and sweetest little boys that I taught at South Brookley School many years ago. He was liked by all his classmates and got along with everyone. His daughters should be so proud of him. He was a joy to teach!!!!

I was so sorry to hear of his death. You and your family will certainly be in my prayers. You were such good parents and the Brookley faculty appreciated all that you did for us.


Martha Meier

Ray & Janie Carney
8 years ago

David & Cindy, please know that you and your entire family are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. It is difficult to say goodbye to someone we love, but may it give you comfort to know that others share in your loss. May God bless each of you, and give you peace in your hearts and minds.

Johnnie Adams
8 years ago

Dear family of Art Rohm,

My named is Johnnie Adams and I was a boyhood friend of Art we called him Buddy. I am deeply saddened to hear that Art has died. We were best of friends growing up on Dauphin Island parkway. I will truly miss him but no where near as much as his own family. I have many stories to pass along about your father/ husband. Our friendship began in elementary school and extended until I left for college to play baseball and he entered the Navy. We fished, rode bikes, played guitar, sang Elvis songs, camped out, cleaned boats, boat ridding on Dog River and Perch Creek, ran crab traps for profit, got our first cars his was an old Red Ford Falcon with a slant 6 and I had a Ford Falcon station wagon 1963. After my sophomore year at Ole Miss, I saw Buddy at Dauphin Island camping with his family on old Peavey Island. He was slim, trim and in great physical condition. He had just completed his Navy Seal training and was running 16 miles a day. I was extremely proud of Art for finding his niche in the Navy as a Navy Seal. He deserved to be happy, proud and on a mission. We were best of friends and I know he was just as proud of my accomplishments. Growing up we fed off each otherís strengths. He was always upbeat, positive, fun, genuine and worked with a mission and by a code, ì if you do something, do it right or donít do it at allî. I think he inherited that from his father, Mr. Rohm, as I called him.

Even as 12 year old boys Art and I loved the water and outdoors. His father owned Southern Marina on Perch Creek. His father allowed us to hang around the shop and watch the craftsmen build boats, fiberglass fuel tanks for shrimp boats, repair boats in dry dock and use the family skiff. After an hour or so of scraping off barnacles from the bottom of a sea worthy shrimp boat we would jump into the 14 ft skiff and head down the creek with no shirts or shoes on, fishing poles rigged with Hawaiian Wiggler and Snagless Sally spinner baits and armed to have fun for the day. Art Buddy favored the Hawaiian Wriggler spinner bait and I fished the Mann purple worm or the Yellow Snagless Sally. We always caught fish!

Life was good on the river. We ran that 25 horse Johnson around every curve in perch Creek and Dog River. We fished, told fishing lies, ate snacks his mother packed, camped often on the marina property, enjoyed his fatherís good natured company and enjoyed what each one of us added to the otherís quality of life. Life was good for two southern boys on the parkway. Artís family took me in almost like I was one of their own. My father died when I was 9 and his mom and dad were like parents to me. I learned a lot being around Art. I enjoyed his laughter, he always made you feel good and his outlook on life was like no one I had been around. I was the better person for being Artís friend. He and his dad modeled hard work, honesty, fun loving, dedication and seriousness when needed. I tell Buddy Rohm stories to my nieces and nephews even today. The stories are wholesome, fun, true and make good stories to tell about my childhood. I could only hope that my nieces and nephews could enjoy life as much as Buddy and I did growing up.

Here is one Bubby Rohm Story;

We were both juniors in High school and decided to go hunting for a week in Jackson, Al. His dad had leased about 80 acres of land up there and it provided the perfect spot for two outdoorsmen to conquer for a week by roughing it. No electricity, no water, cooking on camp fires, hunting everyday and just being with nature, we were in our element. Art and I agreed that we were born 160 years to late. The way we saw it we could have made it back then just fine. We did not need the finer things in life, we had the outdoors, guns, and survival savvy. He certainly proved to live that out in his distinguished Navy career!

Buddy knew we had a good water supply that ran natural out of a hill about 70 yards from the tent. Preacher and his wife lived across the bottom from the camp site. He and his wife lived off the land. He cut wood every morning from the bottom and carried fresh water from the spring to the house for cooking and the morning bath. Yes we had it made!!! Except that after day two of the 7 day camping trip it began to rain. No problem! Art and I dug a trench around our tent to drain the rain water away from the tent. We stayed dry at night in our on ground sleeping bags because of his cleaver camping skills. We had brought plastic to cover the ground under the tent, dug a trench, and had a tarp to drape over the top of the tent for added rain protection. Art was always prepared and rain could not dampen his spirit, so how could I ever be disappointed at one of our adventures?

I think we killed one Bobcat, a pack surrounded us one night at the camp, several squirrels, time and sever six packs of coka-cola. I remember it like it was last week. Art was that kind of friend!

I have many stories to tell but not enough time. I will miss Art but no more that his own family. I feel as though I have lost a brother, a friend and a lifelong attachment to what is good, honest, wholesome steady, dependable and true.

God bless your family,

Johnnie Adams

Matthew Thomas
8 years ago

Dear Teresa, Tyler and Madison,

My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to you during this difficult time in your lives. I will always remember the wonderful times I was fortunate to be able to share with Buddy. I still tell stories today about how lucky I was to have a Navy Seal as a babysitter, especially the one about Buddy’s game of “shark”, where he used to chase me around underwater in the pool, holding his breath for longer than a seven year old child could ever imagine. Although we may have lost touch over many years, I will miss him dearly. You are each in my thoughts and prayers.


Pamula & Scott Poteet
8 years ago

Dear Theresa and Girls,

Our hearts go out to you in this time of great loss. Words simply do not seem to be enough to express our sympathy. Please know that you are lifted up in our daily prayers.

Art was such a wonderful person and we felt simply honored to follow behind you and call Agecroft our home. You gave us a wonderful start here in Virginia Beach.

In love and prayers,

Pamula and Scott Poteet

Mike, Debbi, & Karen Poch
8 years ago

Dear Theresa, Tyler, and Madison,

Please accept our heartfelt sympathy for your loss. Eventhough we only met Art shortly after Karen and Tyler met on the first day of school in sixth grade, we liked him immediately. He was warm, friendly,inviting,caring, easy to talk to, and always interested in what others had to say. Whether he was picking up Tyler at a party or chatting at the Eure’s Halloween Costume Partys, he always had a smile on his face. We know that Tyler and Madison have all of Art’s goodness in them and that they will be proud to carry on his legacy. Out thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family today and always. Mike, Debbi, & Karen.

Christine Shumock
8 years ago

Dear Tyler and Madison:

I was at your parent’s wedding. Your father was everything a groom is supposed to be. He was handsome, strong, a little nervous and very much in love with your mother. Even back then he was a courageous, strong man who knew how to love. As the daughters of he and your mother, I know you will grow to be remarkable women.

I wish you all strength, and peace.

~christine shumock

Christy, Stan and Matthew Thomas
8 years ago

I grew up with Buddy, and he was always a great friend. He was at my wedding to Stan and I will always remember what he told Stan after the ceremony, “Take good care of her always”. We lost touch for a few years, but met up again in San Diego. That’s where I met Teresa and we all became great friends. We even stayed up until midnight on the eve of Stans’ 30th birthday to wish him the BIG 30! Those were great times. I love Buddy and Teresa and he will always be in my heart.

Our prayers and condolences go to Teresa, Tyler, Madison, George, Donna and the rest of the family. Love to all. Christy,Stan,& Matt

Johnnie Adams
8 years ago

I have typed a letter to the family. How can I send the letter so that the family cann read my letter? Art and I were childhood friends.

Neil Collins
8 years ago

I once new a young man named Art Rohm, who along with a few other intrepid souls wanted to become Navy Sealís. However there was something different about Art; he being the former Navy ëhard-hatí diver was way more experienced in the ways of the US Navy than the handful of new guys waiting for BUDS, he became our defacto ësea-daddyí, energetic, experienced, and always cock sure of himself. To me Art embodied what Iíd imagined it took to be a good Seal ëoperatorí, a backwoods man, excellent shooter, and experienced diver. At that point in his life there was nothing more important to him than getting himself and his friends thru BUDS and on to the teams.

Once BUDS formally began I immediately found a comrade and swim buddy in Art, because during our first Phase of training he was as slow as molasses when it came to group runs, I believe I was only a tad slower, possibly like molasses in winter. We soon found ourselves in many a ëremedialí personalized physical training PT session, affectionately called ëgoon squadí. I was fortunate in that every time I complained to my old swim buddy that I had enough of this fun in the sand, heíd look over at me and in that folksy way say ëNeil if this is what it takes to get to become a Seal itís a small price to pay, suck it up!í Boy the teams couldnít have found a better ëposter boyí for the proper mindset of getting thru BUDS and to the teams than Art Rohm. I remained with Art all thru first Phase looking for that occasional sly grin of his for motivation when the chips were down and I was having a bad day. In my mind if this man could still smile it couldnít be all that bad. Even after heíd seriously hurt his leg late one evening during a ërock portageí exercise his primary concern wasnít about himself, but about the guys of his boat crew being safe, and finishing the exercise. I know deep down he was upset about this possible career threatening injury but just like Art instead of complaining he just chalked it up to a bit of bad luck, heíd heal up and without a doubt in his mind heíd catch up with us later in another BUDS class. That was Art, sure that heíd seen all of his friends got thru the training safely and that heíd shoulder the load himself and repeat the same dangerous training again later. Art finished BUDS and went on to become the successful SEAL operator that he was always destined to be.

Though Iíd left the Seal teams Art and I managed to stay in touch, periodically comparing work stories, talking about his girls and always the strength of his personal convictions.

I will miss my friend; his down to earth council, folksy way of expressing himself and commitment to inspire those around him will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to all those whose lives Art has touched over the years there will never be anyone quite like him again.

Ronald Donn
8 years ago

It was with deep sadness and regret that I read the obituary of Arthur. While I never knew him personally, I can certainly understand what you and he went through. I was diagnosed with this terrible disease just over three years ago and am now near the end of the line.

I was able to have a Whipple at Johns Hopkins and I participated in the vaccine study with Dr. Laheru. For about a year I though I had beaten the odds but it showed up about a year ago with higher CA 19 9 and nodules in my lungs. I still thought I could beat the odds although the few people I knew who had this disease were not able to.

Hopefully, in the next few years the researchers at Hopkins and other research centers will be able to have more success and they will be able to build on our experiences. I have no regrets about participating in the trial.

I hope that you have not found this offensive in that I was able to live the additional time but I did wnat to share with you that there are plenty of us others still out here sharing the struggle and hopefully, advancing the cause for those who will follow.

May God bless you, your children, and Arthur.


Troy Lane
8 years ago

My families prayers are with you in this time of loss. Art was a good Teammate and a true Patriot.

Karen Rogers
8 years ago

My heart is with you and the girls..if you need anything just let me know…I will do my very best to see that it is done…we loved Buddy very much then became to know you and unfortunally never got to know the girls but I know that they are very special….

Laura Wolfe
8 years ago

My prayers are with you all! Tyler and Madison – your big sisters of Atlanta are always here with open arms if you need us!

Donniece Coppage
8 years ago

My Prayers go out to the entire family. I know that God is watching over yall.

Buddy lived life to the fullest. He was and always will be one of the good guys.

Theresa B call me asap. I Love You!

Kyle Kuhlow
8 years ago

My thoughts and prayers to Teresa and the girls. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could be there in person. Please let me know if there is anything I can do.


Mayor Samuel Jones
8 years ago

On behalf of the City of Mobile, I offer deepest condolences and sympathy to the family. Joe Olewnik is on Staff in my office; and our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends as you continue to find strength and solace in one another’s love and support.

May God comfort you now and in the days ahead.


Samuel L. Jones


City of Mobile

Rolf & Janell Kuhlow
8 years ago

Our hearts and prayers are with you and the girls, Theresa. That old saying “They just don’t make ’em like that any more” sure applies to Art. We will treasure the rich memories and see the laughter and twinkle in his eye every time we watch an LSU or Alabama football game or start telling a hunting story! May God continue to keep you in His hands and bless your lives as Art has been a blessing to so many! Thanx for sharing him with us, our precious grandsons, and WITH OUR NATION!!!

Julie and Richard Pouliot
8 years ago

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Theresa, and your beautiful girls. Art was an honorable and valiant man, and we are priviledged to have known him. We send our love.

Billy R. Anderson
8 years ago

Please accept our deepest sympa-

thies in your loss. Our prayers are with you. You have a great support system in Art’s family. Grandpa George will be there for you. -Billy and Iris

Donnie & Bonnie MIlls
8 years ago

THe Rohms have been a family to me since 1998 and our thoughts and prayers are with them. Buddy was one of the “Good Guys” of this life and will be truly missed. I know how proud his parents and siblings are of him and his memory will live on through them and his children. May God be with his family during this time and know that they will meet again one day where no tear will ever fall.

Loryn Duncan-Marcil
8 years ago


A week later, and my heart is still heavy with the loss of Art. He was a fabulous person, friend and hero to many. Bill and I are still in awe with all he accomplished in such a short time…far too short. I feel proud to have known him and will never forget him. You guys were there for me 9 years ago today and in the years that followed. I will always be here for you!

Tyler and Madison-

Your daddy was awesome and loved you both more than anything. Remember he is in your next breath and is only a memory away. Courtney, Natalie and Meredith love you both and promise to have “play dates” so that they can make you smile…and help mess up your rooms!! We will always be here for you both, too!

All of our love….

Bill West
8 years ago


I cannot say I was as close to Art as I would have liked, maybe just a fond aquaintance. Art was however, one of those gifted souls who has impacted those around him, probably more than he imagined. When I was at my worst filled with angst and tequila in Mexico – bad combination, Art was at his best. Calm and supportive, no pretentions or confrontations, he quitely redirected me in a positve direction. While a trivial memory, it serves me well to this day and I a better man having know Art. I imagine he has queitly done the same for countless people.

Please know our thoughts and prayes are with you. I hope memories shared, like those above, are comfort, not salt in a wound. Whitney and I are standing by if ever we can help – a play date with Tyler and Madison – or just friends to talk with…our Love to you.

Bill & Whitney West

Chris Anuswith
8 years ago


You and your family are in my prayers. It was only a week ago that we learned about Art. We will always be there to support in any way we can.

On behalf of the staff and volunters of Guardian FCU.

Jo Burkett Holloman, NCUA
8 years ago

Theresa, my sincere condolances to you and your precious girls. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Mr. & Mrs. James Avant
8 years ago


Jim and I send you our sincere condolences in the loss of your husband and father to your little girls. Through the years, we kept up with your family through Darby. He always let us know when your babies arrived safely. May God give you strength and courage at this very difficult time. The Avant Family Jim and Peg

Lauren Payne
8 years ago

To the entire family and friends of Art Rohm, please accept my sincere condolences.

To Theresa,

Thank you for allowing my into your home and your family as your babysitter. I have really enjoyed watching your family grow and prosper over the years. I am so very sorry for your loss and I hope you find peace with your faith and love the you have for your precious girls.

To Tyler and Madison,

My heart aches for you. I hope you find comfort in the memories and fun times you had with your Dad. Whenever I saw your Dad, he would only talk about his family. He worked so hard to give you and your Mom the best life he could. He loved being your Dad, you could see it!

You are in my toughts daily and my prayers forever.

8 years ago


Your friends miss you at school. We love you and we are there for you. Any time you need us, just give us a call.



Karen P. <333
8 years ago


I so sorry:

i know you loved your dad a lot

Just know that no matter what happens we’ll always be the best of friends

I’ll see you tonight, and tomarrow at the funeral

if you need anything call me, everyoneme expecially misses you

I love you like a sister Tyler, don’t ever forget that<3!

Louis Massie
8 years ago

You all are in my prayers..Lou